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Digital Content Creator
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I help you define your online brand image by creating and sharing the right content for your audience that will optimise your online popularity!

Sometimes overlooked by entrepreneurs, online presence is a major asset in order to gain in visibility and to stand out from the competition. On top of strategy, original quality content is an essential differentiation creator.


With over 7 years of Marketing and Communication experience (China, Canada, France and Spain), I have decided to set up my own business. I assist entrepreneurs who wish to improve their online presence on digital platforms while also offering quality content for their clients. Content that fits their brand image.




a brand strategy that is in line with the values of your brand: identity, values, speech, audience and competition.



digital tailored content to communicate with your audience: photos, videos, graphics and communication mediums.



on the adapted digital platforms to reach your goals: website, online store, landing pages, blogs, social media.




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